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Our mission is to provide information and referrals to social service and outreach resources that assist with mental health, drug addiction, medical care to the homeless street residents of Chicago while creating support group spaces aimed to empower and heal.

We are the Bedrock Movement.

We care.

We see you.

  1. The Bedrock Movement targets the street homeless in Chicago and suburbs who are intensely affected by physical, mental and drug-related illness being no longer able to make a sound decision for their own well being. We have an affinity for compassion, love and caring with a more aggressive yet progressive approach for life and death situations that will allow this specific population of the street homeless to be strongly vitalized and revitalized as needed; accompanied to needed services; petitioned by such persons as social workers into medical tx, drug tx, mental health tx., and appropriate housing-shelter arrangements.

  2. The Winter Bedrock Movement was created to provide resources to the city’s homeless street residents in the brutally cold Chicago winter months. This includes directing homeless residents to shelters and approved city warm-up centers. We also host coat and clothing drives to collect donated clothing and distribute to those in need. The Bedrock Movement works year-round to provide necessary items to homeless residents including but not limited to sleeping bags, tents, bikes, tarps, bed comforters, underwear, socks, gloves, and hand and feet warmers. Our partner and Australian based company provide Swag Homeless Backpack Beds. These backpack beds are warm and protect the wearer against 30 and below weather. These are vital assets to our homeless residents in the fall and frigid winter months.  

  3. At Bedrock, we identify the needs of our homeless community and work to provide viable solutions. We have implemented our transportation service - our homeless taxicabs. Our goal is to provide our homeless residents' with rides to important appointments such as doctor appointments, interviews, and programs to help with mental health and substance abuse. This is a FREE transportation service.

  4. The Bedrock Movement takes pride in helping to keep safe havens sites in the community, which the street homeless occupy, clean and beautiful for both homeless and community residents. We invite everyone who has a passion for our cause to assist and help us with our mission and outreach in this community. Please contact us via email or phone for more information. 

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