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Our mission is to provide information and referrals to social service and outreach resources that assist with mental health, drug addiction, medical care to the homeless street residents of Chicago while creating support group spaces aimed to empower and heal.

We are the Bedrock Movement.

We care.

We see you.

  1. To empower the homeless street residents of Chicago by providing information and referrals to resources, outreach services and social work intervention that assist with mental health, drug, medical and social service agencies, as well as assist in providing opportunities for shelters or permanent housing, and training and employment.

  2. Many of the women living on the streets of Chicago are victims of sexual assault and abuse at the hands of a partner or other homeless residents. We work to provide women’s empowerment and support groups, in addition to providing information and referrals to homeless related resources, outreach services, and social work invention. Creating a space where they can share their stories and listen to the stories of other women will hopefully provide them the opportunity to heal, grow and empower themselves.

  3. We work to provide a safe space and dedicated support groups for homeless men, some of whom are ex-offenders, drug addicts, and absentee fathers. In these group meetings and conversations, they are given the opportunity to express their emotions about their plight but also given resources to assist them with changing their lives.

  4. We fight vigorously for social justice and advocacy for homeless street residents. We are passionate about protecting their rights and are opposed to any laws or ordinances from community members or city entities that would violate or withhold these rights. Founder and social worker John Netherly and State Rep. LaShawn Ford worked on the Homeless Bill 5508. Although the bill is a project still in the works, John continues to work on this initiative as well as other strategies to help remove people from a life of homelessness on the streets. Ultimately, these persons are in great need of programs that provide medical, drug and mental health services.

  5. The Bedrock Movement provides a pop-up shower and laundromat service.

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